Interesting Thoughts through Art*

We only worry about things that already happened or things that we think will happen.   It’s such a waste of time.   The thing in the past that is bothering you is no longer a thing.  It’s a memory, which is just a thought, it’s not real.    Moreover, the memory we maintain is likely more negative than the the actual thing or event.   

The thing in the future that is bothering you is just a thought about a prediction about something that may or may not happen.   Typically, this thing will likely not happen the way you’re worried about anyway.   We craft horror movies in our head that never get made!       -Unlatched Mind, July 1st, 2023

Santa gets it…  -Unlatched Mind, December 28th, 2023

Don’t do this…

Be careful of those who gossip TO you about others as they certainly gossip to others ABOUT you.     -Unlatched Mind, January 29th, 2024



*Artwork with the Unlatched Mind logo are Unlatched Mind originals ideas, some generated with AI.  Artwork without the logo are from other creators and the original artist, if known, will be credited.